What is Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW) in DC?

What is assault with a deadly weaponAssault with a Deadly weapon (ADW) is a serious felony in the District of Columbia.  It is essentially using a weapon while assaulting a person.    

What does the Government have to Prove in an ADW case?

  • that an assault took place (That the defendant made an attempt or effort, with force or violence, to injure another person;)
  •  the defendant committed the assault with a dangerous weapon. A weapon is anything designed to be used or actually used to attack or threaten another person. A weapon is dangerous if it is used in a manner likely to produce death or great bodily injury.

Is Assault with a Deadly Weapon a Felony

Yes, Assault with a deadly weapon is a felony in the District of Columbia because the maximum sentence carries more than 1 year in jail.  Unlike simple assault which is a misdemeanor.   

What is the maximum penalty for ADW

The Maximum penalty for ADW is 10 years and/or $25,000.00 fine.   

What is the most likely sentence if I am convicted of assault with a deadly weapon

In the District of Columbia, while it is voluntary, if you are convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, the District of Columbia Voluntary Sentencing Guidelines will control how much time you will receive.  

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