Arrested in Maryland

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arrested in maryland

What happens after you are arrested in Maryland?

 The First thing that will happen

In the state of Maryland, after you are arrested, you will be taken in front of the District Court Commissioner to determine whether there’s probable cause to charge you for the crimes you allegedly committed.  During this hearing, you are entitled to have counsel present.  You can either have your private attorney there or ask for a court appointed attorney if you qualify for one.

Bail set or Released on Personal Recognizance

At the hearing, the commissioner will advise you of the charges you are facing and the penalties of each charge.  You will also be advised that you have a right to have an attorney and that it is your responsibility to obtain a lawyer.  Then the commissioner will decide whether you should be released – and what amount of bail should be set if the commissioner is setting bail.
If a bond is set and you are unable to pay that bond, you will be seen by a District Court Judge in one business day for a bail review.  The judge can increase the bond, lower the bond, leave it as it is or set pretrial conditions of release.

Get a Lawyer

The criminal process starts as soon as you are arrested.  It is important that you hire an experienced attorney who is also familiar with the Maryland bail process.  At Rollins and Chan, we have experience in representing people before Commissioners during all phases of litigation.  We can offer you advice, help defend you and protect your interest before court.  Call us today for a free phone consultation.
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