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Arrested for sexual solicitation will I be deported?

Charged with sexual solicitation in the District of Columbia will I be deported.
Immigration and sexual solicitation

This blog references people who are not citizens of the United States. So, you were arrested for sexual solicitation in the District of Columbia and you are worried about everything. Your first 3 worries:

a. Will I go to Jail?

b. Will this ruin my career?

c. Will I be deported because I am not a citizen?

We address (Will I go to jail?) and (Will this ruin my career?) in separate blogs. For this blog we address will I be deported because I am not a citizen.

Deportable Offenses – Persons already Admitted to the United States

8 USC§ 1227(a)(2), applies to those already lawfully admitted to the United States. Any Crime  Involving  Moral Turpitude (CIMT) within 5 years of admitted to the United States with a possible greater than 1 year or any 2 CIMT.

Any Controlled Substance Offense Except for 1 simple possession of marijuana (30 grams or less); Any Firearms Offense; Any Crime of Child Abuse, Neglect, or Abandonment; Any Crime of Domestic Violence (must meet definition of “crime of violence” at 18 U.S.C. 16), Stalking Offense, or any violation of Domestic Violence Protection Order (civil or criminal).

Ground for Inadmissibility to the United States for Criminal Offenses

8 USC§ 1182(a)(2), applies to those seeking admission to the United States admission or adjustment of status. “Petty offense exception” for only 1 CIMT if not punishable by greater than 1 year and actual sentence imposed of 6 months or less. including suspended time.

Any 2 or more offenses with an aggregate sentence of confinement 5 years or more Any Controlled Substance Offense (no exceptions) “Reason to Believe” Drug Trafficker; and Prostitution-related Offenses

If you are Convicted or Admit to a Prostitution Related Offense You can be deported

So, if you admit or found guilty of a prostitution-related offense and you have not been admitted to the United States this could cause a denial of entry into the United States. It’s very important that even if the case will be dismissed through diversion that you not to admit to the charges.

What will happen if you are Charged with Sexual Solicitation in the District of Columbia?

The good news is that most people charged in the District of Columbia with sexual solicitation (solicitation for prostitution) can get their case dismissed without pleading guilty or admitting guilt. It is imperative that you seek an experienced criminal lawyer in the District of Columbia that can guide you through the criminal justice system in the District of Columbia.

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