Arrested for sexual solicitation in DC – Will this ruin my career?

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Arrested for sexual solicitation Will it ruin my career?

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Arrested for sexual solicitation will this ruin my career

Arrested for sexual solicitation ruin my career

Arrested for sexual solicitation will this ruin my career?  So, you were arrested for sexual solicitation in the District of Columbia and you are worried about everything. Your first 3 worries:

a. Will I go to Jail?

b. Will I be deported because I am not a citizen?

c. Will this ruin my career?

We address ( Will I be deported because I am not a citizen?) and (Will I go to Jail?) in separate blogs. For this blog we address will this ruin my career?

I Understand You Are Embarrassed

No, this will not ruin your career. I get it you are worried. You can not sleep because you are worried about your future. You have never been arrested before and you are embarrassed because of the charge itself. I get it. We have been doing this a long time and I understand most people are stressed out. Relax. This is not the end of the world. As we have stated in other articles on our site, the prosecutor does not stand to benefit with you having a criminal conviction for sexual solicitation.  

So what will happen?

Realize that no one stands to benefit if this case goes to trial and you get a conviction. While no attorney can make guarantees but most sexual solicitation cases are resolved without a trial through some form of diversion that dismisses the case. You hire a criminal defense attorney to take away some of the stress. You also hire a criminal lawyer to fight for you to stay out of jail and to try and protect your record. Need more information? How much will this cost? Contact us today


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