Breathalyzer in DC

More Testing Problems in DC for DUI

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  Breathalyzer and Toxicology Lab Problems in the District of Columbia On August 27, 2015, the Office of Attorney General for the District of Columbia (OAG) sent a letter to the President of Superior Court Trial Lawyers Association and to the Chief Judge of DC Superior Court indicating that the breath program was deactivated because of the resignation of Office …

Enhanced Penalties DUI in DC

Mark Rollins DUI

Enhancement penalties for DUI in the District of Columbia A question that comes up often is whether a prior DUI where you received a deferred sentencing agreement (DSA) or probation before Judgement (PBJ) will count as enhancement to your new DUI in the District of Columbia? Prior DUI outside of the District of Columbia? Under the District of Columbia law …

Prior Inconsistent Statement

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  Prior Inconsistent Statement One of the most used tools by a criminal defense lawyer is cross examination.  During cross examination the criminal lawyer will use prior inconsistent statements.    Prior Inconsistent statement requires the criminal lawyer to get the witness to commit, credit and confront. During a criminal trial a good criminal lawyer will use prior inconsistent statements to …